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Generally speaking, probate is the legal process where a deceased persons estate is distributed according to the terms of their will if there is one; or the state law of intestacy if there isn't.


Estate Planning

Estate planning isn't just for millionaires with mansions and jets. Everyday people have estates as well. It covers wills, powers of attorney, advance declaration of guardianship, medical information releases, and more.

Why Choose The Yager Law Firm

My Firm is Different

When I started the Yager Law Firm, I did it with a commitment to treat my clients the way I would want my loved ones to be treated.

My Firm Cares

I know how important your matter is to you. I will keep you informed of the status of your case. You aren't going to be left wondering what is going on.


My Firm Respects Your Time

Time is money, as they say. I won't waste yours. I promptly return emails and phone calls. I can meet you on evenings and weekends.

My Firm is Genuine

I wasn't born with a law degree. I remember where I came from. Working night shift, and doing what it took to get by. That's why I will meet you on evenings or weekends.

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